Come & set your anchor for a while!

Call or email the Captain to book your stay, then use the payment form only to send your credit card info to him securely so he can charge you.


+Dear Guests,

Welcome to Captain Bob’s rentals. Affordable and clean accommodations with some or all of the following amenities: parking, kitchens, full bathrooms, full or queen beds, decks, beach, pool, front yards, picnic tables, grilles, dining room set, cable, heat, and more. (STRICT NO PET POLICY)
SPECIAL NOTE: For anyone interested in renting a room in North Truro by the week this Summer there are currently openings. Partial description is as follows. Maximum of 2 people, backyard, picnic area, minutes to the beach, TV, kitchenette, parking. Very affordably priced. For further information send an email and I will connect you with the owner. Pictures available upon request. Captain Bob approves of this accommodation. Captain Bob

Captain Bob has Provincetown’s lowest weekly rents. Available weeks for 2017 are listed below.

    • April 29th week units 3 $200.00 35 55 $300.00
    • May 6th week unit 3 $250.00 35 $350.00
    • May 13th week unit 55 $350.00
    • May 20th week
    • May 29th 5 night special unit 35 $400.00
    • June 3rd week
    • June 10th week
    • June 17th week
    • June 24th week
    • July 1st week
    • July 8th week
    • July 15th week Truro Condo $600.00
    • July 22nd week Truro Condo $600.00
    • July 29th week Truro Condo $600.00
    • August 5th week Truro Condo $750.00
    • August 12th week Truro condo $750.00
    • August 19th week Truro Condo $750.00
    • August 26th week No Vacancy
    • September 2nd week No Vacancy
    • September 9th week No Vacancy
    • September 16th week No Vacancy
    • September 23rd week No Vacancy
    • September 30th week No Vacancy
    • October 7th Women’s Week Special unit 55 $300.00
    • October 14th week No Vacancy
    • October 21st week No Vacancy
    • October 28th 3 night weekend unit 55 $225.00

To reserve a week, a deposit of $200 is required for off season weeks and $400 for in season weeks. Booking early may help you secure your favorite week. Our cancellation policy is a full refund for cancellations 60 days prior to the date of the rental and an attempt to replace any cancellations of less than 60 days notice with a new rental and issuance of a refund if the replacement attempt is successful. Refunded credit card deposits will incur a small transaction fee.

Please note that, as in years past, there is a strict “no pets” policy. Kindly beware that fire safety is an important reason against smoking indoors. Smoking should always be done outside in the front yard in consideration of those renters coming to the unit after you leave who may find cigarette smoke to be offensive and may suffer from respiratory problems aggravated by cigarette smoke. We appreciate all of you who clean on Saturday mornings before you leave. We ask that you continue to do so in order to prevent increased cleaning costs for us and higher rent or a cleaning deposit for you.

We look forward to hearing from you again this year and seeing you soon. Thanks for your loyalty.

Captain Bob and Wife